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5 ArtificiaI intelligence (AI) and machine learning advances that medical communication agencies need to understand

We’ve created a helpful guide outlining 5 AI and machine learning advances that healthcare and pharmaceutical communications agencies need to understand.   What is artificial intelligence?  AI refers to specialist computer systems that are rapidly developing to perform tasks that…

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Award-Winning Technologies Every Digital Healthcare Agency Should Know About

The explosion of healthcare technology has catapulted the medical profession into the digital age. And there is far more to come in the next five years. As we head into the final quarter of 2019, nominations for the best digital…

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Digital Healthcare: What Patients Want From Pharmaceutical Companies

As the majority of medical professions are now digital natives, it has become increasingly apparent that their well informed and motivated patients are demanding a greater level of patient services and support.  Many are looking towards the pharmaceutical companies to…

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Top 5 Digital Innovations Healthcare Agencies Need To Know About

With the rapid advancement of technology today, digital healthcare agencies need to adopt the latest systems or risk falling behind in a rigorously competitive market.  Whilst a number of digital innovations will dramatically change the healthcare industry, deciding which technologies…

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5 Big Data Advances in Digital Healthcare

A digital healthcare agency can help providers in many ways make use of big data to the benefit of patients. Big data has transformed the way in which data is managed, analysed and used in many industries, but the healthcare…

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