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Digital healthcare – 4 key milestones over the next 25 years

It’s difficult to imagine a medical world without technology. One where AI is nowhere to be seen, free from computers and tablets. Where there are no tools like Skype and life-sustaining equipment such as ECGs and dialysis machines. With technology…

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Big data = mammoth potential for the medical world

In industries around the world – in insurance, banking and retail – big data is driving efficiencies; growing profits and propelling innovation. Impressive indeed, but when it comes to healthcare, big data holds promise and potential for saving lives en…

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Healthcare agencies, here are four advances in AI and machine learning that you MUST understand

Healthcare stands on a precipice – primed to be transformed by AI and machine learning. There are vast amounts of data at our fingertips, available from an increasingly diverse range of sources – from electronic health records, to claims data,…

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