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It Took a Pandemic for Social to Take Fake News Seriously

“We’re not just fighting a pandemic, we’re fighting an infodemic” – so said the World Health Organisation – a body that has been embroiled in a war of words with Trump over the past few months.    Yet fake news…

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Digital Healthcare Marketers, Brace Yourself for the Post-Pandemic World

Last week we wrote about how the world of healthcare might never be the same again. This week, we want to stress just what this Brave New World will mean for marketers.    Post-Corona Change #1 – Your Marketing Should…

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Remote Medical Meetings – How to Avoid a Poor Prognosis

The medical world turns on a schedule of face-to-face meetings, round table discussions and consultations. So when COVID-19 came along, suddenly the industry had to rethink the ways in which it communicated.   Like many other businesses, there’s been a…

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The Last Month in Healthcare – May

Turbulent times continue, as countries and cultures the world over remain in battle with the pandemic.  Let’s take a look through some of the headlines that have hit the news over the month of May.   Coronavirus and Controversy Government…

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