Digital Healthcare Marketers, Brace Yourself for the Post-Pandemic World

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Last week we wrote about how the world of healthcare might never be the same again. This week, we want to stress just what this Brave New World will mean for marketers. 


Post-Corona Change #1 – Your Marketing Should Be Moulded Around a Newly Remote Audience

Lockdown has driven more and more of us online. But beyond this, the pandemic has also made us adapt our behaviours – shifting from face-to-face meetings to Zoom, from calling to ask a question to instead tapping out a Google query. 

Don’t let the momentum fall away. Instead, you should understand how your audience behaviour has changed, and transform their digital experience to suit. 


Post-Corona Change #2 – Businesses Must Meticulously Prepare for the Post-Pandemic World 

Recession looms with record fall in economic output

Worst Economic Downturn Since the Great Depression

Coronavirus hit to eurozone economy set to dwarf financial crisis


It’s fair to say that there’s a lot of doom and gloom in the headlines. And yet no-one can quite predict how consumers and B2B companies will react once they’re free again to spend. It’s probable that there will be an economic bounce, as waiting lists form for the dentist, hairdressers, restaurants and more (demand has built and built while these businesses have remained shut). 

Companies must make sure their marketing is ready to hit the ground running, while healthcare bodies should be putting in place strategies to cope with what might be an overwhelming surge for their services. 

For the typical business without a plan, this rise in demand could mean missed opportunities, but for the healthcare body, there’s potential for worsened patient outcomes.


Post-Corona Change #3 – SEO Will Be More Important Ever

Organic SEO has always been a cost-effective marketing tactic, as well as an important tool in leading searchers to the medical information they need when they need it.


Post-pandemic, businesses and healthcare organisations must understand the new search behaviour of their audience. They might be asking different questions and using different words to uncover the information they need. For patients of everything from medicine to GP surgeries, there could be concerns about continuing to take certain medicines or booking an appointment where many others might be in the waiting room. It’s your job to pre-empt these concerns with readily available online information.


Change is coming and marketers must be ready for a world that will look plenty different to the one that closed down at the end of March.

We’re ready, are you?

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