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Healthcare Comms – 3 Trends for 2020

1. From intranet to remote NHS workers – Make it mobile (first) 95% of UK households now own at least one mobile phone, and businesses in every industry now design for both mobile and desktop as a matter of course….

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Medical Meetings – Time to Go Digital!

COVID-19 has seen the workers of the world move to their home offices. For most, international travel has been banned. Pupils are on indefinite school holiday and high streets are eerily quiet.   But what of the medical world, which…

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The making of our future doctors – Play the game

The world’s biggest tech brands are each vying to be front and centre of the next greatest healthcare leap. Amazon, Facebook, Apple, as well as smaller, leaner start-ups have big ideas and bold plans. From disease diagnosis to improved patient…

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Five shining examples of healthcare bots worth talking to

Consumers will now happily chat away with a bot (15% of us already have – a figure that rises to 40% when we’re talking about millennials). With chatbots being well and truly mainstream, the friction of conversing with code (rather…

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Seven things set to define the future of healthcare

The world of healthcare spins rapidly. Most people in this industry have little time for a whitepaper as to what’s about to happen. So here’s what’s coming up – seven fast-fire predictions of what could be just around the corner….

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