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The GP Patient – 5 Fast-fire Tips to Keep Communication Constant

The pandemic has shown us all just how critical digital lines of communication can prove. In normal circumstances, multiple communication streams can build relations and improve patient engagement. But during an emergency, being able to drive a message home quickly…

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The Health of your IOT security – Set to Flatline?

The adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly gaining ground. In the home, there are smart speakers, smart thermostats, smart lights, and cinema systems. Then there are wearables that track health, fitness, diet, and sleep. In healthcare, IoT…

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Feeling Lonely? These Apps Could be a Life-changer

Loneliness is ingrained into our society; from the young to the old, it has no bias as to who it affects.  Technology shouldn’t just be an aid to SOME who are lonely. It needn’t be ONLY of help to certain…

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Three Things Coronavirus Tells us About Medcomms

We know, we know – you’re sick of hearing about coronavirus. But the many lessons to be learned for medical marketers are not to be brushed off. Here are three key takeaways from the story of Coronavirus (so far). Lesson…

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The Last Month in Digital Health – March

March healthcare headlines have, unsurprisingly, been dominated by coronavirus. But in-between between the worrisome advancements and rising death tolls, there has been many a positive story and plenty of remarkable innovations worth taking note of.  Let’s take a walk through…

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