5 Video Marketing Lessons Every Medical Business Should Learn

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92% of marketers consider video as central to their strategies, while businesses in all industries are creating video content to attract new buyers and retain existing ones. 


Here are five lessons that those in the medical world can learn from industries that have used video marketing for a decade plus.


Lesson #1 – Video is Perfect for Medical Organisations of EVERY kind

From big pharma educational videos to clinical trial patient recruitment, video is a versatile medium ready-made for profit and nonprofit healthcare bodies alike.


Still on the fence about whether video fits with your healthcare organisation? It does. Here’s why…


Half of internet users search for video content that directly relates to the treatment they’re considering.


In the business world, video takes one of four formats – product demos, explainers, how-tos, and testimonials. But in the medical world video can also be a critical medium for helping your audience in getting to know the medics who’ll be looking after them, the medication that could make them better or the options open to them in terms of treatment.


Lesson #2 – The Right Type of Video Content Can Work Wonders for Website Visitor Experience


Video content increases average website visit duration by 88% 


That means more engaged visitors who invest more time in understanding your product, service or treatment.


Lesson #3 – Short and Sweet Videos are Optimal – Whatever World you Work in

Research shows that 2 minutes is the ideal duration for video content


Take care not to overwhelm your audience with video content that’s too long or complex. The longer the video, the more your audience’s interest will decline (this is especially true of video content on social media platforms, where potential distractions are EVERYWHERE).


Two-thirds (68%) of viewers watch business-related videos all the way to the end if they’re less than 60 seconds, but only 25% will finish a video if it’s more than 20 minutes long. 


Lesson #4 – If you have Health-critical Information to Convey, Make Sure it’s in Video Format


80% of online visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will completely read a piece of written content


Healthcare providers are often in a unique position when it comes to the information that they must communicate. The main issue is that some information might be essential to the health and well-being of their audience. To get your message across, use video content alongside other mediums to improve the chance of your content being consumed.


Lesson #5 – In the Medical World, Trust is Paramount. Video Content can Instill Trust, as can other Forms of Original, Visual Content 


40.2% of marketers report that original infographics and illustrations outperform all of their other visual content, while 23.2% say videos and presentations are their top performers. 


Meet your medical team, a Q and A with Doctor Smith, a video tour of a surgery.

Video can show your audience that your team and your physical premises are credible, trustworthy, professional – three key ingredients to establishing trust.

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